Dear Intermix +1

An exhibition by Anne Marie McCaughey, Marcia Espinosa, Stephanie Carne, Robyn Tarpons, Jillian Kurz, and Elizabeth Ribil

Curated by Mariana Atkins

The Moores Building Contemporary Art Galley

28 May to 12 June 2016

Fremantle Western Australia

Robyn Varpins, ceramics

Dear Intermix +1 is a group exhibition featuring six female artists. Curated by Mariana Atkins, the group seek to "explore the visual".

There is certainly a diverse expression of the visual in these artists and their material experimentations.

Marcia Espinosa's large scale paintings delve into her Latin American culture and the legacy of religion in rich reds and bejewelled surfaces. Witty, poignant and at times political, the strong works hold their own against the rough limestone walls.

There is a more delicate, contemplative tone in Jillian Kurz contemporary abstractions, which convey stillness through masterful layering of watery colours. Anne Marie McCaughey's misty landscapes also transport us to another "place" with soft light and evening glow.

Robyn Tarpons ceramic work is at times whimsical, but always skilful in shape, proportion and tone.

It is Mariana Atkins' second Intermix exhibition, the first held in 2014. A self professed art lover, there is obviously great enthusiasm in bringing these artists together. Unfortunately, the Moores Building is such a great character in its own right, it can it very difficult for the viewer to successfully navigate an art collection, particularly one as eclectic as this one. This is an example of the power of the simple "white cube" gallery to allow artworks speak with interruption.

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