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Marina van Leeuwen

Installation shot. Digital print on removable paper from original monotype. Size variable.

Wallflower (wallpaper), 2021.

Oil on canvas. 92cm x 92cm

Thekla, 2020.

Oil on linen. 56cm x 46cm

Brittle, 2021.

Oil on canvas. 170cm x 290cm

Chair (Triptych), 2019.

Monoprint on rag paper mounted on board. 30.5cm x 23cm

Face.Time. (6), 2020.

Monotype on rag. 21cm x 34cm

There was water here once, 2017.

Mixed media on photograph. Installation 150cm x 150cm

Chorographia, 2017 (detail)

Charcoal, graphite & gesso on rag paper. 76cm x 56cm

Chittering. Morning., 2021.

Monotype on BFK mounted on aluminium. 25cm x 25cm

Wallflower (Sage) 2021

Unique state eco-solvent transfer on rag paper. 107cm x75cm .

Embrace 4, 2020.


Marina van Leeuwen is a visual artist based in Boorloo (Perth) Western Australia.  Relationship to familiar place underpins her practice, working primarily in drawing, painting and printmaking.  Her recent work exploits transparency, layering and repetition to explore time as an embodied sensation. 


"Traces of past marks peek from underneath new layers, like a contemporary palimpsest of sensory experience and memory.  My inspiration always comes from my immediate surroundings, particularly changing light and seasonal transitions."  

Photo: Bo Wong

Pareidolia Street Series_ Wellington St (photo Bo Wong).jpg

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All photographs artists own except where stated. 

Shown here: Pareidolia (William St) 2017. Oil on photographic bond paper. (detail). Approx H100cm x 100cm

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